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About Bougainvillea

Founded in 2000, Bougainvillea was formed to create floral designs using only natural materials offering an alternative toartificial and silk florals. Bougainvillea is one of the few companies manufacturing such a product.

To compliment the uniqueness of Bougainvillea's florals, a fragrant candle line was introduced in 2002. The floral, culinary, and sensual fragrances, combined with the sophisticated packaging, appeals to the discriminating buyer.

To further diversify, Bougainvillea created Bougainvillea La Boutique in 2006. The boutique consists of ladies handbags, coin purses, mobile bags and jewelry. In addition Bougainvillea created a Home Accessory category which includes decorative pillows, trays, and containers.


Bougainvillea designs its florals using only materials that were once living. Each floral design is made with the highest quality materials grown throughout the world.No artificial material is ever used in Bougainvillea's designs. In addition, most of the containers are designed and hand painted exclusively for Bougainvillea. The combination of preserved materials and the unique containers differentiate Bougainvillea from other floral lines.

Bougainvillea Florals


Bougainvillea offers a diverse collection of very unique and elegant products including handbags, mobile bags, wallets, coin bags and jewelry. Bougainvillea handbags and other boutique items are made using the highest quality fabrics, beads, sequins and stones.

Each item is carefully handmade by artisans with an eye for the fashion conscious buyer. Our designs are elegant, unique and provide a statement piece for any special event.

Bougainvillea's cuff bracelets are made with water buffalo bone and semi-precious stones. The cuffs are manufactured using traditional techniques. Any grain blemishes and color variations that appear are natural and add to the beauty of the product. A unique pull pin clasp inspired by fine vintage jewelry allows for easy opening.

Fragrant Candles

Bougainvillea candles are hand poured in the United States using the finest fragrant oils and highest grade of wax. The candles are paraffin based using 12% oil and 100% cotton wicks. The burn time is approximately 30 plus hours. The candles are available in 31 fragrances including 5 exotic fragrances.

We are very proud that our candles are hand poured by a non-profit organization. Proceeds from the non-profit organization provide work opportunities and living expenses for adults with developmental disabilities.

CandlesBougainvillea currently has wholesale showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, High Point, Las Vegas and New York.

Bougainvillea is located at 2225 Faulkner Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

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