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Care Instructions


Please keep your floral in climate controlled environments, out of direct sunlight and humidity. In some conditions, moisture may cause preserved materials to drip/bleed glycerin and dye. Natural materials should not be used in display windows that face outdoors.

Bougainvillea Florals

If you notice an aroma after opening your product please allow the floral to "air" after removing it from the box. You may mist the product with an aerosol air freshener. The aroma will go away within a few days.

Although unlikely, please be aware that insects may occasionally be attracted to natural materials. Should this occur, spray the floral with an oil free pesticide. Bougainvillea is not liable for damages caused by insects. Since our products are made from natural materials slight color variations may occur.

Use a blow dryer to clean.


Trim the wick to ¼" minimum to 3/8" maximum length before burning. Follow all candle burning tips on the burn pad located on the bottom of the candle. To maximize the burn time of the candle, extinguish candles after 2-3 hours of burn time.

Bougainvillea Candles

After the candle has cooled for 20-30 minutes, trim the wick as described above and re-light. If the wick is left too long or the candle burns more than 2-3 hours, smoke may occur. Never leave a candle burning unattended.



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